If you’re looking for support in the following areas then Simon can help:

Marketing  •  Copywriting  •  Social Media  •  Business Development

Simon has been working in leadership, marketing and business development roles for small businesses and public sector organisations for 30 years. His key strengths are in developing effective communication strategies, helping businesses to plan for start-up and growth and supporting and mentoring clients. Now based in Normandy, France Simon works with a range of both English and French clients on both sides of the channel.

Social media is now an important part of the way in which businesses engage with their clients, helping to build their profile and trust. But it also can be time consuming, is ever changing and can be complex at times. Simon loves social media and whether you are looking for someone to manage it full-time or to provide occasional advice working with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other applications, he is able to offer a tailored package that will suit your individual needs.

So if you are a new business starting up or an existing business seeking to grow, Simon can offer bespoke solutions to meet your needs, including workshops covering marketing and social media or help with business development. Simon similarly can provide copywriting whether you are looking to create content for your website, marketing materials (print as well as online) or press releases and newsletters.

Simon is proud of his reputation for delivering quality work, on time and within budget for all types of businesses.

Let Hibou Communication help your business grow further.